Monday, April 25, 2011

low ropes yawwww

for  this class,we r asked to build low rope course...our group need to create Criss Cross course......

before dat, my group members are Adli, Akmal, Apizah, Sahar n Me..since there is only one ladder but many groups,we make our own ladder...a human being leader :p n the "ladder' would be akmal....ahaha....kuat la kononnye if we wnt to wait for our turn to use the real ladder, it would take ages.....
tah apa dlm ati akmal an...

Clove Hitch, Butterfly n others r needed to create this course..
ikat2, simpul2, pusing2 done!!!!!!there it is.our criss cross
ta saba2 dak ni na naek

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